The Oscars, 711 Style

Neon and I are part of a group that host a monthly girls night dinner.

The month of February fell to us to host, and after toying with a few different theme ideas we settled on the Oscars.


We dressed the entryway stairs with a red carpet and a glittery gold curtain, fit for any A-list celebrity.  As it was a potluck, we were responsible for a handful of dishes ourselves, while our guests were also encouraged to add their own Oscar-themed appetizers, sides, or desserts to share.

Approximately 20 women came over to enjoy a variety of Oscar nominee-themed dishes including Oscartinis, Minted Pea Crostini’s, Curried Parsnip Soup (The Iron Lady), Baked Brie (Midnight in Paris), Pimento Cheese Dip (The Help), Crab Salad (The Descendents), Lemon Sparkle Cupcakes (My Week With Marilyn) and an Apple Pie (The Help).

After all the yummy food, the best bit about the night was… 2 British girls came!  It was nice not to be outnumbered for a change.  Thanks to my friend Miss S for bringing her Oscars quiz.  I don’t think we ever decided who won, but we did learn that everyone knows shockingly little about the Oscars!

We even had some real celebrities in black tie show up…. Check out the slideshow from the night here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to everyone who came, it was a great night.  Neon and I are looking forward to March’s girls night already.


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